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Stellars Gate
The Survival World & Adventure Map Server.

Stellars Gate is a Fantasy RPG server. We want to make a server for
people to experience every bit of Minecraft.
The Survival World one to immerse themselves in as a 2nd life, does not reset.
Claim your land to play safely with the public, to make towns & settlements.
The Adventure World is a custom adventure map, with quests and bosses.
Upgrade your gear beyond the survival limit and make way into the dungeons.

Join With : or

Server Content :

✧ Anti Grief Claim land.

✧ Player Warp – for player’s town, shops and facilities.

✧ Pet & Familiars – can level up and learn new skills.

✧ Mine Spawners – mine any spawners with silktouch.

✧ Pet & Familiars – can level up and learn new skills.

Adventure Map :

✧ Quests & Bosses

✧ Unique Gear

✧ Unique Classes

✧ Custom Trading & Economy