10000 Aves Flying Fury Italia Italian Italiano Leather Safest Short Telegram Teleportation Travel Vanilla Walk


Walk, Destroy, Create and Fight!

Hi Gamer, We assume that you enter the raging lands of FuryLands at this very moment, start playing and get into it right away. Right from the start you will notice that you have a poor starter kit consisting of leather armor and 16 loaves, that you are in the flying spawn and you will realize that you will have two choices to make, launch or teleport to a random point of this world 10000×10000 .

Do you plan to throw yourself in? Then you must know that you will have to walk a little before you can build, but as an advantage, your base will be very close and therefore you will be able to reach it in a short time.

Do you think about random teleportation around the world? Well, if so, you will surely have the safest base, but do you really want to take off this travel adventure?

You gamer, what choice will you make?

We are waiting for you! Become a part of FuryLands too!

Telegram channel:

Amazing Chill Economy Great Hill Make Pay Plugin Plugins Pvp Raiding Staff Star Start Survival


Chill survival server, just started and has great plugins and amazing staff. Come join and make some new friends!!

Artic Creative Detail Details Economy Factions Inventory Mcmmo Particles Plus Stable Survival Tail Tails Uplusion23 || Network is a new server that runs both a Survival-Factions world and a Creative plots world. We have per-world inventory and aim to develop a stable community driven network. The owner has 9 years of hosting experience, and is open to many suggestions. Come check out the server, enjoy the features, and talk with the other players. We hope to see you there!

We are looking for staff!

Check out some of our features;
– Skills System (Like McMMO) – Survival-Factions – Custom Player Particles – Loot Crates – Online Web Store – Dynmap – Creative Plots – Economy with In-Game store – Daily vote rewards – …And so much more!

Come join in, and say hello! You can find us with the details below.
Server IP:

Balance Coffe Coffee Cook Cookie Courage Dcu Experienced Kie Oura Perfect Perfectly Balanced Pets Survival Vanilla

CoffeeCraft Survival

CoffeeCraft is a place for everyone who loves vanilla Survival and is looking for a great group of people to play with. This is a great place to make friends fast, as we encourage players to be friendly and not grief.

This is a server ran by experienced Minecraft server owners, and is running on a very long-term lag-free server.

Our features include: A lag-free, long term server… A fresh world… Friendly community… A perfectly balanced player-driven economy — create your own shops!… Non-P2W… Pets… Vanilla Minecraft Survival.


Creato Creator Creators Economy Pal Pala Palace Pve Pvp Slimefun Streamer Streamers Survival Vanilla Zen


Our Server is a community based SMP! We have Land claim, Slimefun, an economy and so much more! We also have a few small Streamers/Content creators that regularly join us. We hope you enjoy your stay here at the Palace!

Anarchy Duping Freedom Hacking Lag Machine Machine Machines Pvp Raiding Seek Sol Survival Tend Tpa Vanilla


Anarchia is a 1.17.1 vanilla anarchy server that seeks to provide the absolute freedom of the anarchy experience without hacking, lag machines, or duping. This is how the game was intended to be played. On this server you can use /suicide and /tpa and that is it.

200 Channel Cow Creeper Economy Mid Middle Middle School Sand School Support Survival Survival Games Usa Youtube

Creeper Middle School

Join the Kro Aur Mauj Karo Minecraft server. One of thousands of SMP servers but with your support, will make it the best!
YT Channel :

Discord :

Change Development Economy Future Hardcore Huge Mus Mushroom Pve Room Shroom Survival Updates Ush Vanilla


MushroomCraft is a new survival server that is still under development however players may join. We will be making HUGE changes and updates as often as we can and we love to hear our community’s opinions on updates for future.

Ball Companions Compete Economy Galaxy Harvest Haven Mini Games Pain Paint Paintball Pete Pvp Skyblock Survival

Regular Game

Welcome to The Regular Game, a one of a kind SkyVival server (1.17.1)!

You begin with your Skyblock island, a safe-haven and home for yourself and your companions (type /home).
Other than your companions, you’re in this galaxy by yourself, you need to collect and harvest resources for your island in the survival world (/scavenge). But you HAVE TO BE CAREFUL, other players may want what you have. PVP combat is on in the survival world, so play strategically.
Want to bet on yourself? Play paintball (/paintball) to win $ to spend in the shop or buy items for others.
With events happening regularly, you will also be able to compete against others for in game rewards.

1.9 Big Biggest Chest Goal Legacy Nodes Rich Riche Richest Sieg Siege Stuff Towny Towny Server

Sky Earth

1.9+ Towny Server with siege plugin and town nation and other stuff like economy goal to be richest and biggest nation