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semi-vanilla survival. Hosted on a North American 1GB upload and latest server grade hardware, we aim to provide the most seemless and enjoyable experience for you.

Main spotlights:
– Semi survival with grief protection, PVP and economy.
– Server wide events, we bring the fun to you with custom minigames, maps, etc.
– Grief protected claim blocks so your builds will last.
– Friendly staff who will take your feedback seriously and active frequently.
– Balanced economy to buy and sell goods, even when offline, no pay to win.
– Anti-cheat so you dont have to worry about players taking advantange of you.
– Discord server for announcements and updates
– Voting rewards, vote and you can get some nice materials, nothing overpowered, simple as 1, 2, 3
– Jobs with double exp weekends, for when you really need to grind.
– Community build highlights, sharing our favourite builds with the entire community.