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AltaVelos SMP – Vanilla Minecraft Experience – No Land Claim – Vanilla Towns – Discord – Simple – Active

Welcome to AltaVelos SMP, the best possible way to play Minecraft.
(Started 1.13 now in 1.15.2)

My name is Shiloh, In game name is EpiphonicG, I’m 23yo and I purchased 24/7 server hosting. Let me tell you all about it.

We stick to the BASICS of Vanilla Minecraft… No Crazy plugins! But here are some things that make us the best new Minecraft server of 2020

We got an active Discord (check in game)


We got WORLDBORDER set to 15000 blocks wide! perfect size!

We’ve got an amazing spawn with some rules then jump off and the rest is yours.

We got PLENTY of space to build and many biomes in our worldborder.

We have player made towns! HUGE ones! Come be a part of Carthage! /warp Carthage.

TNT and creepers will damage you but not grief the land.

When you die, you keep your inventory. So no rage quits!

use /bal to see your balance and /pay to use your money to purchase anything from anyone! We have player shops spread about all over town! Come make your own!

We got PVP enabled, although we prefer when you participate in DUELS rather than KILLING RAIDS.

We’ve got a DYNMAP set up so you can see whats going on in the world live without logging on! *not up yet since new host.

The biggest rule is NO HACK CLIENTS! We have other rules so come check them out at spawn.

Come and be a part of an interactive community with an abundance of daily members. We need MODS.

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