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Alinea is a small hard mode and close-to-vanilla survival server! We are a welcoming and tight-knit community from all around the world and for people of all ages!


  • Small world with no teleports
  • Very Close to vanilla with minimal commands
  • PVP is allowed in the wild
  • Balanced player-based economy
  • Tangible features (physical money, physical shops, etc…)
  • Server Address (IP):


  • Protect your land, yourself, and friends with Towny
  • The world is on hard, cooperation is encouraged!
  • Multinational Staff (US, EU, AUS) for near 24/7 support
  • 24/7 uptime with minimum lag
  • This is a hard mode server! We recommend joining a town straight away to get started more easily, and have shelter from the outside world!

    We try to limit rules as much as possible, and usually are pretty lenient. Nevertheless:

  • Be respectful to others. Do not bully anyone.
  • Do not escalate conflicts.’
  • Do not cheat, exploit or use modifications. A whitelist of mods is available.
  • Do not grief protected lands. Unprotected lands are fair-game. PvP is on.
  • Do not spam chat.
  • Do not ask staff for free items or ranks
  • Do not intentionally cause lag or crash the server. This includes 0-tick machines and AFK-fish farms.
  • No circumventing the AFK kick! AFK-farms are banned, background-farms are not!
  • Server Address (IP):