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Wildrift Valley

Wildrift Valley is a brand new Enhanced Survival experience! Our server has a fantastic community of helpful staff and players who are excited to meet you.

Take a look at just some of the many features we offer on our server:
– In-game Ranks: Rank up to gain access to better features!
– Custom Crates: Win awesome prizes by earning crate keys!
– McMMO and Jobs: Improve your skills to get money & abilities!
– Community Fishing Contests: Catch the biggest fish and win big!
– Quests & Achievements: Earn fantastic rewards by completing tasks!
– Upgraded Bees: Upgrade your hives, name your bees, & more!
– Artmap: Create your own paintings in-game!
– Better Farms: Upgradeable automatic farms!
– Player economy: Chest shops & Player warps!
– Elite Mobs: High-level mobs, bosses, guild levels, & more!
– Fully EULA compliant donator ranks: Non-P2W!
– Resetting End/Nether/Resource Worlds: Never run out of resources!

Come and check out our server today!