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Mineverse 1.15.2 [SMP] [PVP] {Towny} {Economy} {mcMMO} {Creative World}

Mineverse is a fully-featured survival server with Towny, a plugin that lets you build your own towns and nations and puts emphasis on collaboration and economics. Mineverse was started almost 8 years ago, and has has an on-again-off-again history. This is its third iteration, and we are excited to utilize the newest features that Minecraft has to offer! Many of the server’s original members have returned and have helped foster a really great community.

You can join our Discord at:
Server Details

We have a robust economy, featuring jobs and a system of shops. We offer a Vanilla-esque experience, with Towny for land claims and mcMMO for greater range of levelling and achievements. We also offer a player head drops plugin, a creative world, and much more!

Rules: Relatively standard stuff here…

1. Be respectful and considerate.2. Please avoid sensitive topics.3. Use common sense.4. Swearing, sure. Slurs, no.5. No spamming or excessive caps.6. No griefing or stealing.7. Don’t cheat.

We are excited to have you! Come join our growing community 🙂