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Left4Craft Small Community

This isn’t just any old server. This is the better server. Not because we have the most players. Not because we have some famous YouTuber advertising us. It’s the community that counts.
Way back in beta, most Minecraft servers had a good player base with people that were nice and helped each other out. Now if you look at most server lists, a lot of them are empty. Why? Here are a few reasons:

❖ It is easy for an immature 10-year-old to start a server
❖ All of the new Minecraft players get sucked into big servers (because of ads)
❖ There are too many Minecraft servers and not enough players
❖ The server is home hosted / laggy
❖ The server has horrible builds or is terribly made
❖ People don’t want to donate to small servers in fear that they will go down, and the lack of donations makes them go down
► Ect…

What made beta servers so fun was the community. Everyone helped each other out, and you could play survival with (in game) friends. But this isn’t the case anymore. Now it is almost impossible to find a good Minecraft server with an actual community. And even if you found one, most of those servers go down. Until now.
Left4craft was one of the only servers designed with this in mind. We know that most small survival servers are terrible. So we made ours different. Heres what we have to offer:

✔ Over 99% uptime
✔ Over 19.9 TPS average (Lag-free)
✔ Mature staff and fun players
✔ Well-made plugins
✔ Great builds
✔ Grief-free survival (Coreprotect and clams)
► And more!
We will never be the biggest server. But we will be the best. Join us as we restore Minecraft to its former multiplayer glory.

Here are our game modes:
✔ Survival – Basic survival with claims, rollbacks, and economy.
✔ Creative – Creative mode for all, plots with amazing builds.
✔ Zombies – Zombies minigame with 3d guns and custom mobs

Join now:


See you there!

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