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Hyplex MC (Hermitcraft-Inspired) (Season 2 Starting Soon)

Semi-vanilla survival
Owner: Terran_Titan
Server is currently closed and all applications will be stored until
server is open for Season 2

We’re a community of players getting the best out of survival multiplayer.
Builders and redstone-technicians collaborate to create to your hearts best content.


To get whitelisted, fill in the form which can be found on our DISCORD

The server offers tools to build a community and create an economy.
We have a dedicated spawn-island with shops, a gaming district and a pvp arena.
Playtime results in ranks and rewards including more farms.
Friendships arise and communities grow,
just by punching trees and placing blocks.


1. Please use common sense and act in a mature manner
2. No griefing, stealing or cheating. (i.e. x-ray, exploits or bugs)
3. Please avoid doing things that cause server lag.
4. Please remove floating trees and 1×1 pillars
5. AFK fish-farms and 0-tick farms are not allowed and will result in a ban
6. Please do not build a base on or near the spawn islands, venture out a bit
7. No more iron farms on the server, we have enough.
8. Each new player is only allowed 1 large scale farm (from 8×8 pumpkin farm to ocean
monument farm) and will earn more when ranking up.
9. Automatic AFK timeout (45 min)
                More rules can be found on our DISCORD

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