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CONQUEST CRAFT PVP/RP – [No Mods] [Towny] [Muskets] [Cannons] [Ship Battles] [Automated Crafting]

Welcome to the age of gunpowder! Where steam powered ships dominate the seas with their mighty cannons and the brimming with gunfire. Join a settlement our create your own in this open player vs player and role play server.

The Conquest Networks community originated in Garry’s Mod but we have now expanded to minecraft. We hope to bring the joys of fiery destruction to all in minecraft. Craft several types of gunpowder weapons and full size cannons to destroy your enemies and conquer the world!

  • War events are enabled on weekends allowing for full scale sieges of cities and towns. Participate with your nation on great campaigns to crush your enemies!
  • Ship battles occur during the weekdays. Players will construct realistic ships and engage enemies in the sea for large bonuses. Ship battles will happen for fun (no permanent damage to ships) or for a prize (permanent damage enabled). These fantastic battles allow for the fleets of each might nation to flex their might across the world.
  • Each town is allowed the ownership of an npc village to sell their products to or obtain other items, bringing the economy to a new level. Emeralds transfer equally to $100 in the economy. Use the latest technology in manufacturing & autocrafters and beat the competition in your market!
  • Players can utilize the latest economy and shop plugins to build a network of shops all over the world in order to maximize profits and bring their merchandise to others.


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