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—- CobaltCraft —-

CobaltCraft is a new 1.15.2 Towny server. We are an economy and community-oriented server. Our goal is to provide a platform for great people to meet and interact on a unique Towny experience.


Custom Plotworld – Rent a plot, and build a shop, casino, or anything you like!

Slimefun – Create machines and tools to assist you in your Towny experience!

Rankup – Earn donator perks with in-game money!

Quests – Earn money/xp through various tasks!

Player-based economy – Our server is setup to encourage player interaction through chestshop trading

Friendly staff and community – We are extremely committed to building a positive and friendly environment for players

Chestshops – Buy/Sell items with other players

Player warps – Make your own warps! Shops, grinders, casinoes, and more!

ShopGUI – A well-balanced adminshop that avoids interference with the player-based economy

Weekly Events – Each week a new event is hosted to give unique rewards that are unobtainable in regular play

Come by and join us at CobaltCraft!