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BadgerCraft [Survival – PVP – Creative – Hub – Claims]

We’re back, and bigger than ever! With Survival, Creative and PvP worlds that have simple and easy to use grief protection and quality of life additions, now is the best time to get back into Minecraft!

IP – Play.BadgerCraft.Online

A new Minecraft Server run by long time Minecraft players. BadgerCraft is a simple server with no complicated plugins or features, just a lightly enhanced Minecraft experience.

Launched publicly on the 28th of March 2020


  • Survival, Creative and PvP worlds all accessible from a centralised hub world.
  • Claim land via an easy to use in-game system
  • Fun mini quests in the hub world to earn novel cosmetics.
  • Seasonal events.
  • Quality of life improvements such as treecapitator, /tpa, /home, /back
  • Random Survival and PvP teleports so you’re never put near other players if you don’t want to be.
  • Be featured in online progress and event videos.
  • Survival world features the keep inventory game rule.
  • A friendly Discord community.
  • Rules

  • DO Respect other players, staff and yourself.
  • DO Keep discussion & actions friendly, respectful, and civil.
  • DO NOT grief builds or landscapes in the Survival or Creative worlds. Griefing is encouraged in the PvP World.
  • DO NOT beg for items, cosmetics or equipment.
  • DO NOT use any external mods/tools to hack or cheat.
  • DO NOT ask to be promoted/opped.
  • DO Report all bugs/glitches/errors in the Discord channel.
  • DO keep a healthy, balanced diet.

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