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βœ… 🌌[1.15.2] Infinite Survival [McMMO] [PvE] [Economy] [Friendly]🌌

Infinite Survival is a community driven, no-grief survival PvE, aiming to create a safe and relaxing environment in which to enjoy an economy-community focused




  • Auctions: Sell Items through a simple GUI, without leaving your home.
  • Chestshop: Create shops using a sign and chest that anyone can use.
  • Jobs: Join jobs to earn money for your hard work. (Mining, digging, etc
  • Friendly Community & Staff.
  • Live Map
  • Locks: Lock your containers and doors separately from your land claim.
  • Ranks: Buy ranks with your earned money to unlock extra commands and other features.
  • Phantoms Disabled!
  • Resource World: Collect as many resources as you need without defacing the main world!
  • Grief Protection: Claim your builds to protect from grief and theft.
  • McMMO: Earn XP and level up in 15 different skills.
  • Crates: Earn keys to open crates and get useful rewards.
  • Custom plugins: A growing number of our plugins are developed specially tailored to the Infinite Survival experience!
  • Custom Items: Tonnes of customized items to spice up the game!
  • Rules:

  • No Griefing: This is defined by breaking another players placed blocks, destroying their area, or damaging clearly owned animals/mobs.
  • No “Hacking”: Using a modified client or resource pack that gives you an obvious advantage over others (xray, fullbright, etc) or any other third party software or hardware that gives you an obvious advantage over others (autoclicker, etc)
  • Resources: It is against the rules to deface the main world without a valid reason (clearing for building). This includes but is not limited to; Mass deforestation, mass excavation.
  • No Racism: Being genuinely intolerant or hateful towards a person because of their race.
  • See a full list of rules HERE.

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