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The Righteous Path [Survival&CreativeZone] [QUARANTINE PARTY-ZONE] [NO HACKS] [NO TOILET PAPER]

[​Survival][​Medieval][​Grief Protection][​24/7][​No Hacks]

Discord : available from an admin

Hello Traveler!

We have built 52.5 Km (34.42mi) of paths for horse friendly travel of our Role play area.

Our Server was founded in the hopes to create a place to relax and enjoy Minecraft with members of our community, new and old!

The Righteous Path is now two years old and is full of medieval themed settlements and people passionate about building and creating a thriving community.

We host regular community events and quests for players and we are also working on a currency system, nether hub, trade zone and more!

  • WORLD LIMIT is currently 10k Blocks
  • Difficulty: Hard++
  • Players are not permitted to use mods to x-ray, fly or hack in any other way. Using these will result in a ban.
  • We ask that all players are respectful to one another, any forms of abuse will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.
  • We have free horses to start your Journey and over 21 kilometers of horse friendly paths (no stairs only slabs, with high ceiling caves)
    Players may build between spawn and 3k. Although if we feel your build isn’t fitting with the landscape, we will find you a nice spot past the 3k distance.

    We hope to see you online soon!


    For our players enjoyment and safety we have Grief protection and essentials installed.

    You can read about grief protection here: