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TCB Network | Capitalist Economy | Freedom | Claims |

TCB Network
Free Market Economy and Libertarian!

The goal of this server is to provide an exciting experience with an almost completely player driven economy and by enhancing some Minecraft mechanics. At TCB, you also are free from the endless restrictions and rules of most servers. Our community here is also very welcoming, kind, and mature. Claim your land, create businesses, build towns and cities with your friends, and build up your wealth by creating shops and businesses. The choice is yours to do what you want.

* Player run economy

* Claims
* Banking
* Stock market
* Gun plugin
* Head decorations
* Diamond backed currency
* Raid unclaimed area
* All standard server commands such as /warp, /sethome, /tpa, etc
* Unrestrictive rules

Quality of life:
* No phantoms
* Single person sleep
* Anti-cheat system
* Active staff

IP: server is for Java Edition 1.15.2 only)

(This server is for Java Edition 1.15.2 only)