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EmpireCraft SMP 1.15.2

EmpireCraft SMP 1.15.2

Join us for an exciting survival adventure!

Our goal is to create a friendly and joyful relatively small community, not a massive server.

Main Features:
– Vanilla experience
– Player-run shops
– Dynmap (Live view of the world, including player locations)

Discord Link:

Dynamp Link:

Committed to making sure your experience on EmpireCraft is as smooth and wonderful as possible!

Questions about how to play can be directed to helpers and moderators

Issues/questions with in-game technicalities can be directed to administrators and higher ranks.

Helpers: SensoryMercury
Moderators: TheCoolaman, Skxll
Administrators: Deathinmate
Operator: NeoStarBG
Owner: Goldenhawk1000

Other Information:
We hold events a couple times a month, such as building competitions, Kit PvP, Escorts, and Mob Arena.

Quests are coming soon, stay tuned!

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! 😀