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[1.15.2] Ryland Economy Survival (Hiring) [Ranks] [Jobs] [Custom Items/Bosses] [PremiumMcMMO]

Hello and welcome!

24/7 Dedicated VPS
Intel i7-6700K
32gb Ram

Welcome to the latest iteration of Sts’s Ryland. We have an exciting 1.15 world ready to be explored!

The server will have 99.9 uptime forever, so if you’re looking to dedicate
yourself to a small, but growing community, this is your chance!

We have a multitude of premium plugins that have been fully
updated and configured to give you the smoothest 1.15. experience possible:
Mcmmo, ranks, playershops, jobs, land protection, kits, silkspawners, keepinventory and more.

Our server is home to a small community of respectful players that have played on the Ryland server
over the years. Joining our discord via the in-game-command /discord will be an integral part keeping
you updated and informed on the workings of the server, as well as announcements and community.

We are an economy based server, utilizing jobs, resource selling, player
shops, and farming in order to make money and achieve higher ranks,
which in turn unlock more commands and permissions.

We have the premium, lands protection system to prevent grief and theft.

As far as help, I am definitely looking
for mature, active players to help with things like building, shop and
economics logistics, moderating, administration, plugin support, and

If you excel at any of these things please feel free message me on
discord AFTER you have built a house and ranked up to at least rank

Hope to see you there!

No griefing active claimed towns, hacking, x-raying, stealing,
harrassing, spamming, disrespecting staff or other players, or ban evading