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The Vanilla Touch | Vanilla SMP


Hello, PlanetMinecraft users.

Our Philosophy

We aim to provide a stable, 24/7 server that upholds the values of vanilla while preserving the hard work put in by those who decide to participate. Created with the values in mind and the motivation provided from those who servers falsely advertised vanilla but rather had folders filled to the brim with plugins. We believe in providing the classic Minecraft SMP experience as the game was intended to be played, meaning no gameplay-modifying plugins, no creative mode usage by any staff whatsoever, and no world resets.

The Community

One of the key things setting The Vanilla Touch apart from other survival servers is the active, friendly, and tight-knit community, as well as the unique etiquette, playstyle, and culture of our members. Each and every build on the server was made legitimately by fellow players, entirely in survival mode. If you’re a fan of SMP YouTube series such as Hermitcraft or Mindcrack, you may be interested in The Vanilla Touch.

Only a small fraction of the world has been explored, so there is plenty of land for you to claim as your own. Feel free to join one of the few settlements that already exist, go solo, or even build an entirely new town of your own! The possibilities are infinitely vast on The Vanilla Touch.


The Vanilla Touch is a greylist server, so you must apply via discord after taking a look around the world. Please do so by joining the Vanilla Touch Discord server linked below. Please mention your in-game username and leave a short explanation of why you are interested and what you have to bring to the server.

Or, feel free to apply via this post.



Why are you interested in joining?:

How will you benefit the server?:


Discord is our main use of communication when in and out of game, all announcements are posted there as well as general discussion for future projects. We also have hangout channels for when you’re mining or working on something and of course a music bot to just sit back and relax. (

When you are approved for greylist, you may join the server on version 1.15.2 using the IP:


Please keep in mind that The Vanilla Touch is not an anarchy server. While we aim to keep in line with our vanilla Minecraft philosophy as much as possible, we have a set of rules put in place to ensure that players do not infringe upon others’ right to enjoy the game. These are enforced by active moderators, and they are easy to follow:

  • Do not mess with other players’ projects.
  • No griefing or stealing of others items.
  • No disrespect or hates speech of any kind, although swearing is allowed.
  • No hacking, cheating, or any third party scripts of any kind.
  • No PVP unless both players give consent.
  • Duping or major glitches not disclosed are not tolerated.
  • There is a single plugin installed on the server, CoreProtect. This plugin does not interfere or intrude on normal play in any circumstance. Its purpose is to ensure that transactions are logged, griefed buildings are restored to their former glory, and those responsible are held accountable for their actions.


    We fully intend on updating the server as Minecraft progresses, we are ready to update the map to 1.16 and are excited for future updates!