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SquidMC [Semi-Vanilla] [Semi-Technical] {Anti-grief} {No Pvp} {No Stealing} {Free Build}


About Us
Tired of anarchy servers? Tried of servers where stealing, PVP, and griefing are allowed and commonplace? SquidMC is the server for you! We are a semi-technical community survival server looking for more members. We hold biweekly server events and gladly welcome everyone from the complete Minecraft noobs to redstone wizards and master architects.

Why Us?
1.) Level playing field. No staff, no donation ranks, just pure vanilla gameplay. We’re so vanilla we don’t even have teleport commands, we use nether tunnels bby :B

2.) No resets. No one deserves to have their hard work erased. On SquidMC, we only delete far away, unused chunks to save disk space and we’ll never rest the map.

3.) Dedicated server hardware for optimal performance. The server is always running at 20 TPS — anything less is unacceptable.

4.) Experienced server owner. SqueezeTheorem is a computer science student with a background in Java programming, networking, and Linux. He has made custom tweaks for SquidMC such as the /coords plugin and the “Press F to pay respects” plugin that places deaths signs when players die.


Faireborne Farms, the server's current spawn
Fiareborne Farms, the server’s current spawn

Rainbow Road, one of the main nether highways on SquidMC
Rainbow Road, one of the major highways on SquidMC’s Nether Transportation System (NTS)

The Principality of Sealand
The Principality of Sealand

Leningrad, the server’s oldest city


1.) No griefing. In the event of a grief, we have LogBlock, a plugin that records every time someone places/breaks a block. Hours of griefing can be undone in a matter of seconds with a single command. We also have WorldGuard to lock chests and prevent griefing in the first place.

2.) No stealing. We believe in private property on SquidMC. You build it, you mine it, you craft it, it belongs to you.

3.) No hacking. Our anti-cheat plugins allow us to quickly detect would-be hackers and get them banned before they have the ability to negatively impact the server.

4.) No (serious) glitches. Things like carpet dupers, 0-tick farms, and TNT dupers are welcome, but game breaking bugs like universal item duping are not.

5.) No politics/religion/etc. We’re playing with glorified legos here — let’s not take ourselves too seriously 😉

6.) Use common sense, have fun, and don’t be r00d. 🙂