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Sassy’s Anarchy | 24hr DeathBan | AntiCheat | Lives | 1.15.2

Sassy’s Anarchy is Semi-Hardcore/Vanilla-Survival!
Death-ban is 24hrs!
Our only plugins are:

  - Anti Cheat, damn those hackers making the game unfair!
  - PvP Manager (a combat log prevention plugin) stopping the poor sucker whose ass your  
  whoopin’ from logging out and denying you that sweet sweet kill!)
  (This plugin also sops new players from taking damage, lasts 30 mins, use it wisely!)
  - SilkSpawners, allowing for more maintained/efficient mob farms!
  - VoteShop/Votifier (Allows abilities such as buying more lives and unlocking silk spawners)

Sassy’s Anarchy is a twitch community server, and we have a very unique style, this server is a throwback to the golden days!
We also have other socials to check out!
If you are interested in joining a fun, friendly and adult community, join our discord:
Also feel free to check out the channel: