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Rubia Factions [Faction PvP | Raiding | Economy | Events/Minigames | 1.15.2]

Thank you for checking out Rubia Factions! At our core, we are a Faction PvP server, but we have many features, and many more to come! We have a friendly staff and a growing community, so you’ll always have people that you can talk to, especially if you decide to join our Discord as well! We have an economy driven server that also has a Casino as well! In addition, we love the idea of skills, so we have the mcMMO plugin enabled! We love the aspect of PvP, and we already have three different PvP arenas for 1v1, free for all, and Faction-based PvP events. We love to host PvP tournaments, drop parties, and many other cool events. We also love taking suggestions from people because you guys are what drive our server. So come check us out, stay a while, and enjoy your time on Rubia Factions!