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MineRaver is a newly released Survival Minecraft Server with a Skyblock gamemode coming soon.

Some of the features of this server are:

» Economy – AuctionHouse plugin as well as ChestShops and EssentialsX. Duping is not allowed and there is a GUI Shop for items you might not be able to get.

» Ranks – You can buy 6 Paid Ranks as well as other items to give you a more exciting experience

» GriefPrevention – GriefPrevention plugin allows you to claim your builds and prevent griefers. Active staff will actively stop any grief attempts additionally.

» Crates – This server features a crates feature, where you can vote for vote keys and obtain other keys for different crates, each with rewards like money, claimblocks, ores and customized tools.

» Community – We make sure that our community isn’t toxic and are happy to help you in any way.

» Staff – We have a staff team dedicated to make sure everyone follows the rules and bans rule-breakers.

Interested in joining? Come over at