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Miccraft | Lag Free Dedicated Server

“Welcome to!

Our community enjoys a fun, lag free experience thanks to our dedicated, high performance, server housed in a data centre for high bandwidth and unparalleled 24/7 reliability.

We host a friendly community of players with great staff who actively participate in making the playing experience fun and enjoyable for all players. As a result, we have implemented many of your ideas making this the best, community oriented, server.

Our server is semi-vanilla, we only use plugging that adds to the vanilla experience without being intrusive or ruining the vanilla experience. These include:
·Land Claims: This protects all your hard work from greifers.
·Shops: This makes selling and trading easier and more convenient
·TPA: This allows you to play near your friends and to build your own community within our server.
·Wild: This allows you to play far away from anyone else… should this be what you wish.

Give us a try and let us know what you think… you’ll see why people come and stay with us :)”