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KingdomCraft | 1.15.2 | RPG Survival | Classes and Leveling | Questing and Magic |

Kingdom Craft is a new Survival RPG server that introduces a new survival experience.

We are still in the stages of development, so a lot of features are still not introduced.

Current features:

  • Custom Professions and a full leveling system
  • Melee, Magic and Ranged Classes
  • 300+ Custom tiered items with upgrades and gemstone sockets
  • Combat abilities
  • Citizen NPCs and Shops
  • Mob Arena and PvP Arena
  • Lands
  • Custom Boss Implementation
  • Graves
  • Mob Hunting rewards
  • Upcoming features:

  • Pro Cosmetics purchasing
  • Vote Crates
  • Indepth Raids with custom mobs and bosses
  • Quest chains for each rank
  • Daily Quests
  • Pets
  • Weekly Events
  • We are constantly in the process of thinking of new and fun ideas. We hope you enjoy and please feel free to ask us any questions.

    Our website is also a WORK IN PROGRESS, but please sign up here to follow our progress: