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ban land | Deadliest Anarchy ServerⒶ⚑ | custom


No rules, no protection, hard difficulty. You spawn a few hundred blocks at random near world coordinates 0, 0. The world is unforgiving.

Do anything you want, anywhere. Only other players can tell you what to do – that is, they can try.

The goal is to escape the harsh lanned of banned players and get back to the realm of Minecraft Multiplayer.

To do this, you will need grit, strength, and a way to travel to the edge of the world. Only there can you find escape.

For more help and info join the Discord:

Custom features:

  • Giants are enabled and hostile like Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, etc
  • Obtainable Titles via feats of gameplay
  • Tweaked vanilla difficulty
  • Gapple recipe re-added for new versions
  • Craftable End Turrets that will target and eliminate hostile mobs
  • Capture hostile players with End Prisons
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    Magnus Malum


    What kind of server are you looking for? Survival? Roleplay? Factions? RPG? PVP? Anarchy?
    This server has a little bit of everything, for everyone.
    (light-anarchy, tbh)

    Magnus Malum is a world that brings out the true nature of people, if given the chance…

    And we’ve geared this server for players to quite literally take over the world.
    We have our own website with a tutorial, and our discord has one as well. They will give an informative guide on what the server has and how to use it. Check us out at or our invite code is: 73bm76z

    But a quick summary:

    This server is light-anarchy. The ONLY rules to this server is no racist remarks, and no ruining the integrity of the server. (Lag machines, Exploit/Hacking) Apart from that, we have geared the server for players to take over if they wanted to become the King or Queen of either their own kingdom, or their entire land. To start a Kingdom, you need a faction. There are 3 ways to gain a faction, and they are the same as how old kingdoms started. Buy a faction with your in-game wealth, gain a large following, or complete a legendary task.

    This server is also RPG based. We use MythicMobs Premium and MMOCore Premium with custom classes and skills that will be added as time goes by.
    It’s also RP based!
    We include /me commands for roleplayers, but you won’t be kicked for things like “RKing” so be careful, and be wary when interacting with others.

    Lastly, the Gods have not abandoned this world. They just choose not to interfere. Dungeons with insane loot and vendors will be added for players to explore, created by the Gods.

    Some vendors sell collectibles as well!

    What are you waiting for? Come check us out.


    Anarchy Landclaim Vanilla


    We set out to create a 100% free Vanilla Minecraft Anarchy experience with a small twist — make griefing and theft much more difficult by introducing very basic land claims. This way, players can better protect their bases and chests, but will need to find clever solutions to ensure their safety.

    Join now and get +100 claim blocks (Land Claim) and 50+ additional for each hour of activity on server. Visit for more info.

    You can claim land, but your land claim only protects you from players breaking blocks directly, killing your animals, and using TNT on your claim. All other forms of protection are disabled. Creepers and other mobs can still break blocks on your claim, so you must factor that into your build. If a chest is accessible to a player i.e. you havent blocked it off that player can still steal from you. Fire can also potentially spread from without to within your claim.

    116server Anarchy Dangerousnether Hardsurvival Nether Nethersurvival Netherupdate Pig Piglin Regularupdates Survival Games Survivalserver Update Updates

    Piglin Minecraft Server

    Some thought that pig girls can not be cute, but that’s so far away from the truth. That pig’s crotch area is too great to be called cute. The exterior of her body is slim, and the shape of her stomach is like a beautifully crafted flower. The curves at her tiny hips are exquisitely cool, and the perfect hair is so classy that it makes one want to caress it. Although, she doesn’t just have a beautiful but small face, she has a beautiful body and great melons as well.

    Freshly spawned Piglin in Minecraft near the nether portal.

    I get so exited when I’m surrounded by Piglin girls with big tits and big asses. With each new Piglin I try to become more familiar with, I try to sense their personality and ability to hook up or fuck. I watch their sense of humor and approach to life. Because Minecraft is real life for me…and it can be tiring watching hours of beautiful, gorgeous Piglin be sexually abused and humiliated…and watching those who just wanna have fun ignore my pleas for sex.

    Steve spilled cows milk all over peaceful Piglin triggering PvE response.

    Some people think of Piglin as mindless pigzombies with big tits but ive noticed that it’s not the case.. like most Piglins, they are confused about Steve and why he chooses to kill them. Most Piglins, if you ask them straight out, will say that Steve doesn’t really need to kill them. This is one of many reasons why Piglin don’t find Steve attractive, but they still tolerate his presence and will not attack unless he is not wearing gold armor.

    Listen to their goals and aspirations and never hurt piglings without a reason.

    Anarchy Hardcore Parkour Raiding Roleplay Survival Games Vanilla


    Committed to standard Minecraft survival, but we’re also building an end game with cool shit inside.

    Freedom of speech is supported here.

    There are no admins/mods/helpers in-game.

    The only rule is – no cheating.

    Find out more at

    Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchysurvival Survival


    Long story short I had extra ram and no friends and wanted a server no rules except for no lag machines. Minor Major change There are now mods the world is 10k and the photos are now irrelevant

    Anarchy Build Friendly Fun Map Popular Snapshot Survival Towns Vanilla

    MCClassic | 20w19a Snapshot | Vanilla | Classic Minecraft 1.16!!

    Come Explore 1.16 with us!!

    MCClassic is simple. We do not using any fancy plugins that alter the game-play. We just want classic, traditional MineCraft to be the way it is supposed to be. The world was first generated in 1.16 so everything is fresh. We intend to stay up to day with future updates and snapshots and we will always be the first server running the newest versions.

    It is our plan to never reset the map. We believe it is important to have a never ending world where players can grow and explore while being surrounded by the buildings left by past players.


    1. Don’t use hacks or modified clients that would give you an unfair advantage.

    2. Don’t take advantage of glitches or duplicate items.

    3. Don’t purposely attempt to compromise the server performance (Ex. lag machines).

    Join our discord —->

    Anarchy Norules Vanilla

    new vanilla anarchy 1.15 server | need dedicated players!!

    we are a brand new vanilla server. doing this for fun, we’ll see where it goes! looking forward to meeting each and everyone!

    Anarchy Economychestshop Survival

    MC BattleCraft

    • Faction Protected Land

    – Build a shop anywhere on the island — /warp shoppingdistrict

    Anarchy Bisexual Fantasy Futa Futanari Gay Hardcoresurvival Hardsurvival Lesbian Multiserver Pvpserver Raidserver Roleplay Server Sex

    Superfuta Minecraft Server

    The cutest futanari girls play here with a big smile on their faces that they won’t be able to keep hidden any longer.

    It is actually a lot better than the girls they play with on the other side of the wall, you know, because they have the same face. It looks kind of cute but they don’t actually have a face but I’d guess their ears are ears. They don’t have teeth so I guess even at an adult that looks like this, it sounds nice. If you can be bothered to turn on their ears, that is. As I just said this, some of the other girls have big tits so I guess just using your imagination while playing VR Minecraft will yield the results you want.

    Superfuta on a Minecraft Server playing survival with Steve and friends

    I don’t actually understand why the others would wear such skimpy outfits for guys to view. They must’ve been wearing it in order to attract me in the first place…. It’s okay to say they are nice so make them even nicer by putting on sexy outfits to attract me. This doesn’t mean you will be attracted to them but… maybe I can make them do a dance move if I’m not paying so much attention to their expressions?

    When I thought about it, it seems like their body shapes are different from me… Well, I guess I do have more boobs than girls from this school…. For some reason, I am surprised.

    Futa party on a Minecraft server, everyone came, so much fun!

    So if futa is the ideal way to have sex, then why can’t we have futas? Well, there’s probably an argument in the ‘oh, you can have sex with guys!’ side; they’re just not as interesting, and usually more socially comfortable than guys. Some futas even get into ‘man-shopping’ (shopping for sex toys) and it’s a lot more fun — the best and prettiest futas don’t mind being seen on TV naked, in front of a camera, and they don’t mind having a bunch of guys gawk at their pretty little breasts. They’re just not as sexy/appealing as the other models or girls for what can be considered ‘a fetish item’, that’s why this guy’s a futa, and this one’s a lady.

    Taming session between Minecraft superfuta lady and her pet.

    A lot of female futas I know, don’t get into it, but we don’t blame them – we love them, after all they’re our friend!

    We also think it’s very important that these things aren’t overly sexual, because having sex should be fun for them, not to have it for us. But that’s a story for another time.

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    Catgirl pets added to Minecraft for Steve to have fun

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