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The Banished Lands

Welcome to the Banished Lands, a world where survivors and adventures thrive. We welcome any and all who dare try make a name for themselves among legends, will you be a kind and helpful soul or will you be a cutthroat criminal? This is a server dedicated to a pre-faction retro feeling with a hub which dedicates itself as the last bastion of humanity with traders and a grain of salvation. Can you survive long enough to bring a new kingdom to these untamed lands or shall you die like many who have tried before you?

We pride ourselves to become recognised as an opening and welcoming community that aim to interact and grow alongside our members. Even though the server will be a barebones adventure we plan to do social and seasonal events to help blossom a community and make lifelong friends.


  • No Racism / hate speech/ homophobia/ sexism / transphobia
  • No real world politics (in-game politics is definitely allowed)
  • Swearing is fine but don’t swear excessively
  • Admins say is final
  • Joking is allowed but don’t be a douche about it
  • Respect each other
  • No hacking or cheating