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An Australian family friendly Minecraft community operating since June, 2013!

Diseases and Afflictions
Contract diseases and all sorts of health issues with our custom diseases plugin. Spread the plague around the server or catch a sneezy cold!

Break a leg! No, really, break a leg.

Harsh Environments
Freeze to death in a snowy taiga or roast alive in a desert with another one of our custom plugins! You will need to adapt to survive, such as using campfires and slipping on some leather armour for cold protection. In deserts, you will need to find shade from that blistering sun or wait until nightfall.

Tan lines not included.

Vote Reminder
We use an extensive voting reward system that allows players to collect AusCoins, our voting currency! Through a GUI, players can purchase a variety of goodies.

We’re all winners when it comes to voting.

Spice up your loot with a library over 100 different textures you can apply to any of your tools!

We have animated fidget spinners. Yeah.

Because fidget spinner swords weren’t enough to make you cringe, we have emojis! These can be applied to signs, tools, and be used in the chat.

There are over 50,000 of them. It’s fun for the whole family.

We developed our own in-house claims system that combines the best parts of GriefPrevention and Towny. Upkeep based claims with an easy to use GUI menu allows players to easily manage their land!

It would cost $10,000,000,000 to claim the entire map. We did the maths.

If the odds are ever in your favour, you can go from rags to riches with our custom lottery plugin! There is also scoreboard support.

The publicly available one we used to use has exploits, so we did the maths again!

If the lottery doesn’t patch up those rags, our custom auctions might! With item averages and icon support, it’s pretty snazzy.

No one wants to buy your wooden hoe, XxMinecraftLord2000xX.

Come join our community! We won’t hold you at gunpoint… we promise.