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The ‘Minelanders

Welcome to the ‘Minelanders! Server address:


The ‘Minelanders is a semi-vanilla survival server. We believe that Minecraft can be a political game as well as a creative and PvP game, and our server is intended to lean into that. This means our server includes this general structure:

* Griefing is allowed, except in protected player plots

* Stealing is allowed, everywhere

* Player clans can be created for a small in-game cost, with access to clan chat.

* Protection plots can be purchased in three sizes (11×11, 31×31, 101×101) for not-so-small in-game costs

– The world is restricted to 6,000 by 6,000 blocks, to encourage additional player interaction

– Player shops are available near spawn to encourage player bartering.

– We have no teleport systems, to encourage players to interact with the world and increase player vulnerabilities.

– Despite all this, griefing tends to be less common in our community, as there’s also a desire to connect and build alliances between clans.

The Details

Due to a resurgence of support from our community (which dates back to 2010), we’ve decided to relaunch a minecraft server and start advertising to a broader community. Our new version for this Summer launched 2 weeks ago, and we are eager to welcome new people into the community! Log in to check out our player built spawn, and say hello! There aren’t many major bases public yet, given that the server is so fresh, but there are already a few clans with the largest plot size (101×101) building private areas before becoming more public. With shops and an area for player built shops at spawn, it tends to see a decent amount of traffic.

This server is guaranteed to be hosted for at least the next six months. If the server has an active player base in six months, it will likely be hosted for a full year, as donations have already covered the cost so far. Donations give no in-game advantage, but they make me, the server owner, happy. We plan to expand the world by 1000 blocks in every direction after a few months, to encourage additional exploration.

We hope to see you in our community! You can join our Discord server ( ) for announcements and more information, or just join the server and play along that way. Be careful to protect your things though, some of our players have nimble fingers!


  • Play in good faith
  • Be respectful of other players
  • No asking for stuff or being annoying
  • Griefing is allowed
  • No cheating
  • Alt accounts must be known to staff
  • Advertising is prohibited
  • No releasing personal information about another player
  • Details on each rule are posted in the help files on the server. Just type /help rules.