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The Fox Box: Reborn

TFB Logo
Welcome to The Fox Box: Reborn!
We are a hybrid survival and creative server that has been around for a while now.
We first launched back in 2012 under the name The Fox Box and we stayed online for a bit until we decided to change our name to Feral Falls. We continued on like that for a couple years til recently, we’ve decided to change our name back to our good old original name and give it a sort of rebirth!
We have a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere you can hang out and be yourself in.
We have strict rules against griefing and harmful conduct so you and your builds will always be safe.
We have both a survival world and a creative world.
We have fun plugins like McMMO and we also have magic!
We have Towny for all your village building needs.
We have an admin shop where you can buy things with your in-game currency.
We have a random teleporter so you can find an ideal location to settle down.
We are always looking for new things to add and new ways to make the Minecraft experience more fun!
Come and join us today at