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Mostly Vanilla Survival Server (Looking for new members)

We are going to be starting season 3 when 1.16 is fully released so that we can all start fresh together. Email [email protected]with a little about yourself if you are interested in joining us for this fresh world reset. Looking for 10-15 more people to join us. Minecraft is always more fun with friends.

We are a tight knit group that enjoys playing Minecraft in a mostly vanilla environment. We value respect, trust and like to have fun while building our own bases. We usually interact most when working on community projects or trading the goods that we produce in our shopping district. We utilize discord while we play in order to chat about whatever is on our mind. We play for 10-30 hours per week or so. PVP is limited to events or games.

We are looking for a few people that are like minded that would like to join us on our crafting adventures. We are planning a server reset in the near future and are currently playing multiplayer sky block while we wait.

Here is a list of non vanilla add-ons that we like to play with. We are open to more or less but this is the play style that we have been using for the last couple seasons .

  • Hard difficulty
  • More mob heads
  • Multiplayer sleep
  • Live view web based world map
  • Shulkers drop two shells each
  • Customizable armor stands
  • Gravestones
  • Ships generate in oceans
  • Illager fortresses instead of Igloos
  • Rules:

  • No Griefing
  • Respect others loot. Do not take things that aren’t yours
  • Pay stated value for items in shopping district
  • PVP only when both agree
  • Do not modify or add to others builds unless you’re collaborating
  • Interact with each other
  • Have fun!