Bed Bedwar Bedwars Date Kywars Lune Make Mini Games Parkour Practice Pvp Skyblock Skywar Skywars Update


Lunescraft new server with a lot of minigames like skywars,bedwars,practice,skyblock. Every week we make a update!

Dom Flight Free Freedom Friend Friends Light Mini Games Riends Survival Survival Games Surviving Vis Welcome Wild


Welcome To VisibleFlight! You can Gliding Freedom and Wild Surviving with your Friends. Join us Now!

1.16.4 Create Creato Creator Hey Imple Nline Old Online Share Sim Simp Simple Survival Vanilla


A simple 1.16.4 vanilla survival server named after it’s creator.
It was created by Xfininator and then, a few friends of mine told me not to share it online… so I did. Then, they said they want me to share it online so I did.

1.16.4 1.16.5 4 Player 4 Players Duck Era Gen Lin Nline Online Players Survival Tim Time Vanilla

DuckCraft SMP

DuckCraft is a mostly vanilla 1.16.4-1.16.5 SMP. We have an active discord and active server, generally there is 3-4 players online at a time.

Cards Economy Free Fun Hypixel Mini Games Murdermystery Owo Physics Pvp Ranks Realism Stalker Survival Tax

WhoWorld – Magic and Mini-games and free donate Minecraft server

We have tried our best to develop an ideal project for you, which includes a wide variety of interesting and unique modes with various innovations that you can find only with us. We are more than 4 years old and every day we accept your wishes and suggestions to make our project even better. All proposals are accepted in our Vkontakte group. We also want to note that it is our project that is aimed at a comfortable and enjoyable game for you and your friends. ✔ Techno-Magical Survival: ◈ Self-written mods that include various trees, seedlings, items and ores. Unique clans with ranks and the popular ClanWar mode. ◈ Auto mine and various tools for quick development of resources. Jobs, weddings, the ability to have a child, a unique economy. A unique beautiful spawn with many functions for our favorite players. ◈ A special PvP system and character leveling. Double the chance of getting valuable things from mobs .◈ Cases and Cards from which various donates fall. A well-developed donation system. ◈ Lucky blocks. ✔ BedWars: ◈ A unique pumping system like on Hypixel. Mystical chests. Ore generators ◈ Character statistics and reward system. and Team.✔ KitPvP: ◈ PvP system with super abilities, as well as unlocking new ones. CS: GO rank system Well-developed map with secrets. ✔ Stalker: ◈ Unique a which has no taxes. Many groups and new tasks. New locations and a detailed plot. Emissions, radiation, dosimeters. мон New monsters, bosses in dangerous locations. Moving long distances using a train. ✔ MurderMystery: ◈ Popular fun game .✔ SkyWars: The familiar war on the islands: ◈ Refined character abilities. ◈ Various starter sets. Improved physics and realism of events.

Epl Free To Play Hypixel Lag Lit Mod Mode Pixel Pride Pvp Quality Replica Skywars Tak Zoo

Free to play hypixel replica! Except, without the lag! We take pride in our quality of our game modes.

Alliance Alliances Economy Force Hardcore Kingdoms Pvp Raiding Rings Survival Survival Games Towny Twist Warrior Warriors


ForceKD is a unique Minecraft Kingdom server with lots of great features to explore. Choose between a variety of different Kingdoms to build and battle for, and fight fierce enemies along side your alliances. Choose to trade with friends or fight for glory. ForceKD brings a fresh twist on factions to the Minecraft scene and player experience is our #1 priority. Join today and come fight along side your fellow warriors.

Add Added Fox Lane Owner Pers Person Persona Personal Plan Plane Planet Script Survival Multiplayer Your

FOXPLANET Minecraft server

The owner of the FOXPLANET server has not yet added a description. If this is your server, add a description to it in your personal account.

1.12 1.12.2 Anarchy Anarchy Server Anything Apex Lag Lag Machine Machine Machines Make Performance Rule Survival Vanilla

j4klmc Anarchy server is an new Anarchy server version 1.12.2
with no rules
have fun make sure lag machines or anything’s else to slow server performance

Apex Build Building Buildings Colossal Defeat Dragon Ender Ender Dragon Feat Friends Gon Riends Survival The End


Welcome to Emp SMP, a new, fun SMP for you and your friends. Build colossal buildings, defeat the ender dragon, play with friends! All on Emp SMP!