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Crafted SMP

Important Note: This is a whitelisted server. That means if you want access, you must follow the directions below in order to get added to the server.

Late last year(2019) Crafted SMP was established as a 97% Vanilla/Vanilla+ Minecraft Server. While we have of course experienced the inevitable growing pains, in general the trajectory of the server has been upwards. We have a great little community going but we are always looking to add some more mature, light-hearted and dedicated players. Although the server has been up for some time now we’ve taken things reasonably slow because we’re a no reset server. That means there’s no rush because our current world will be our world forever.

If you think you’d be a good fit for this server once you finish reading this post you can apply by sending a friend request on Discord to @ emmaleigh6692#8359 and after being accepted send a message stating your IGN, age and what you’d be able to bring to the server. Because we’re looking for serious members please put some time and effort into the last question. We’re looking for people who can commit at the very least 3+ hours a week but preferably people who can play a lot more.

Server Info

Physical Server Location: France (we have people from all over though)

16GB of RAM Dedicated Server (hosted by AnvilNode)

Currently being run on PaperMC 1.15.2 (latest build)

The server is now strictly 20+ for any new members.

The server has 3 very active Owners in different time-zones as well as Admins so if there’s ever an issue it should be able to be resolved very quickly (this has been the case so far).

Although everyone has their own areas we’re focused on building a strong community with good player interaction. We run regular building contests of various types, have the option to create different types of guilds and you’re able to setup shops at spawn to buy and trade goods. We have a handful of community farms and big community builds are under construction, so now is a great time to join if you’d like to put your own mark on the server and contribute to the community! Looking forward to reading your applications 🙂

All this information and more, including screenshots from the server, can also be found on our website: