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Tiny Island Life



Tiny Island Life (TIL) is a community oriented server with a unique gamemode
made up of elements from Skyblock, Survival, Plots, and a bit of RPG.

Basic Gameplay

You start out in Las Piñas which is the spawn island. This island is home
to the natives called Las Piñeros which you can interact with.

To create your own private island do /is – this will be your home and you can shape it any way you want to!

Gathering materials to create your dream island can be done in two ways, first is through the shop accessible through /shop, and the second way is by going to the resource world (/warp resource) – WARNING: The resource world is dangerous and filled with monsters!

Money and tokens are the two currencies of TIL. Money can be earned by working (/jobs) and tokens can be earned through quests (/warp quests). Both can be used to buy from /shop, but tokens are used for upgrades and special goods.