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Hello witches and wizards! Welcome to Potterworld! I’m sure you have taken a sorting quiz before, but have you ever experienced the community of being in a House? Once you get sorted on Potterworld, you become a student at the finest school of witchcraft and wizardry! You will get your very own wand and learn spells by taking live classes of your favorite magical studies. You’ll fight in duels, brew potions, complete magical challenges, interact with your friends, and explore the Magical World all from your Minecraft! We are always discovering amazing new things to add to our server. Staff members are always available to help. Our students are the most important thing to our school!

We are proudly a family friendly server 🙂

Come join us on Potterworld!

We run our server with plugins so no MODs needed.

Our Resource Pack will automatically download, just click “yes” when it asked you for permission.

All players are expected to follow the rules of our server upon logging on!