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Pedestria Network [RELEASED!]

Pedestria Network

Pedestria Network is a Survival server for Minecraft Java Edition running on 1.12.2.

Initial Release Date: JUST RELEASED!
Current Gamemodes: Survival

– Fun Plugins!
– Huge Economy!
– Quests!
– Towns!
– Shop!
– VeinMiner!
– Orbs!

Pedestria is a 1.12.2 server, however you can join on any version from 1.7-1.15.2!

Important Links

Eco Pvp Survival Svanilla


This is a survival server, there are some great features for you to explore!

The difficulty is hard…so there be mobs, many many mobs.

Only 3 core main rues:

  • No 3rd party hacks (xray)
  • No Spam
  • Respect the Mod Team!
  • The rest is up to you, 400 block protection from spawn, after that its up to you to survive!

    We are looking for a loyal staff/mod team.


    Faction Factions Semivanilla


    Swiftcraft [Semi-vanilla] [PvP] {raiding} {looting} {building}

    server is

    Hey everyone I put a lot of work into this new 1.15 Minecraft server, it is a medieval faction server with a dedicated staff willing to help you with everything you need. It will be updated very frequently with community feedback. I have been working on this server for 2 weeks now try to polish it out as best as possible and would appreciate if you took a moment of your time to check it out. There are all the basic plugins you would come to expect with many more unique ones coming soon to add lots of content to the server and keep you wanting more.

    We need more staff so if you would like to apply you can do that ingame, staff will be getting a salary depending on how much work you put in

    A drop party and free ranks will be given out at 30 players so stay tuned in to have a good chance at winning
    the server has just come out so it is still in beta so if there is any advice or tips please contact one of the staff members

    I really hope everyone can enjoy the server and have a good time, we want a good and active community so if you want to have fun and mess around as much as you want feel free but please dont be toxic

    New discord server has just been created feel free to join

    173generator Beta Minecraft Nostalgia Old Retro Survival


    Nostalgic Builders!

    What is Nostalgic Builders?

    The aim of our server was to ask, how could Minecraft have turned out differently? We looked back to the nostalgic and well-loved version of Beta 1.7.3 from 2011.

    Using authentically ported and updated Minecraft 1.7.3 terrain generation, with modern blocks and items, we’ve updated the game to bring you the retro Minecraft experience whilst retaining the quality of life improvements and great additions of Modern Minecraft.

    You can now experience Beta 1.7.3 with horses, flower forests, deep oceans, better boats, fireworks, stonebricks, and more!

    As the server is built with modern Minecraft in mind, we can keep up to date with new additions, whilst still creating an authentic experience. We use plugins to tweak and fix the game to bring it to life in retro style.

    Join us on our discord for more server information, rules and community:

    We’d like to thank MrBurgerUS for his work on the terrain generation and his mod Beta+ and PoeticRainbow for his Golden-Days resourcepack!

    Come join us and experience modern retro!


    LionHeartMC | Skyblock

    LionHeartMC | Skyblock is a community that goes back to 2012 when the server first started. We are a close non-competitive friendly community! Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you online!

    IP :
    Discord :
    Webstore :

    Adventure Anime Bandit Cartoon Customnpcs Dbbuilds Dbc Dbcw Dbgt Dbs Dbw Dbz Dragonball Dragonballbuilds Dragonballgt Dragonballsuper Dragonballz Dragonblockc Economy Events Factions Frieza Goku Hubs Hubworld Hunting Japan Japanese Manga Plotworld Quests Raids Roleplay Rpg Scavenger Scavenging Training Vegeta

    Dragon Block World

    Welcome To Dragon Block C World! A friendly and fun environment which is packed with tons of quests and things to do, you can go through the story of DBZ, fight bosses, hunt and cook animals, raid bandit camps and a lot more. We’ll release major updates every month followed by smaller weekly updates. It’s also not your typical TP grinding server, as your goal isn’t just to get strong, but also to explore the detailed open-world and discover many things and places throughout your adventure. We’ll be releasing on June 12th, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

    Discord Server Link :

    Amplified Datapack Essentials Hermitcraft Java Mcmmo Multiplayer Nogrief Nolag Pve Semivanilla Shop Shops Survival Vanilla Whitelist Whitelisted

    || ๐™”๐™ค๐™ช๐™ง ๐™ƒ๐™š๐™ง๐™ข๐™ž๐™ฉ๐™˜๐™ง๐™–๐™›๐™ฉ || โ™ฅ ๐“™๐“ธ๐“ฒ๐“ท ๐“พ๐“ผ ๐“ท๐“ธ๐”€ โ™ฅ

    Your Hermitcraft
    (You must apply in the comments section to join)

    Your Hermitcraft is a 1.15.2 Minecraft vanilla server. We offer over 50 datapacks to make Minecraft a more pleasant experience. These are some of our useful datapacks here: One player sleeping to daytime, player heads, mob heads, unique mobs, craft flint back into gravel, and loads more!

    Everyone is equal on Your Hermitcraft. Even the owner is set to the same rank as you. We all have equal command access, such as: home set, access to warps, and miscellaneous features such as /hat. Everyone including the owner is automatically de-opped upon joining the server. No childish staff members, no staff randomly teleporting to you, and most importantly no drama — just play!

    Fear not, if you’re unfamiliar with what hermitcraft is, there’s several players just like you on here who still don’t know what hermitcraft is. So, you’re more than welcome to join us! And, for those of you who do know, well, Your Hermitcraft is your opportunity to experience a slightly altered vanilla server like your favorite Hermits on Hermitcraft! We’re a small community looking for anyone who can sit down, and enjoy Minecraft for a long amount of time. Everyone’s really easy to get along with, so apply to join our whitelist.

    We’re not looking for a huge player-base. We do have a whitelist, and we’d love for you to take this opportunity to join us! Please submit an application in the comments section below with the following format:

    Your Minecraft username:
    Your Age:
    Your gender [Male, or Female]:
    What do you usually like to do on Minecraft servers?:

    Thank you all applicants! Applicants will receive a response if accepted. ALL are welcome to apply. The more the merrier!

    More information:

    No special clients required!

    Our map is here to stay! You can stay confident that your builds will never be wiped (except the nether world for the incoming 1.16 nether update).

    Purchase chunks at /warp shops with diamonds! Trade, sell, buy, or play mini games for diamonds at /warp shops.

    We provide a random teleport pressure plate right at spawn!

    Custom death messages!

    We are not affiliated with Hermitcraft, nor their streamers/youtubers. We were just jealous of their fun antics, and their server.

    We suggest using the fWhip texturepack, but it is not required.


    [โ€‹1] Don’t steal
    [โ€‹2] Follow the honor system
    [โ€‹3] Houses no closer than 1,000 blocks from spawn
    [+] That’s 1,000 blocks away from 255 X, and 187 Z
    [+] We recommend using the teleport pad @ spawn
    [โ€‹4] Don’t grief
    [โ€‹5] Pranks are allowed

    Common sense is expected. If you x-ray straight down to diamonds you’ll be punished, if you use the N word.. no! Not “nerd,” the other one with an “er”….. you will be punished. Punishments are usually light, but may vary on a case-by-case basis. Dark humor, dark jokes, and serious discussion are not only welcome, but also supported. Intentionally provoking people with topics such as: religion, politics, or otherwise may on rare occasions be punished depending on severity.

    Unique Datapack features:


    Adventure Arena Bukkit Economy Mcmmo Mercado Pets Survival



    Um servidor com uma proposta diferente e inovadora, com uma jogabilidade totalmente voltada para os players e que busca atrair diversos pรบblicos e gostos. Com um PvP completamente variado e com infinitas possibilidades de estratรฉgias, alรฉm de eventos e campanhas para integraรงรฃo e recompensas, construรญmos um server para todos!

    – Survival Vanilla
    – Combate da 1.8
    – Sistema de Clรฃs
    – Sistema de Skins
    – Temporadas
    – Pets
    – Mochilas
    – Super Encantamentos
    – Lojas de players fรญsicas
    – Players Warps
    – McMMO
    – Tutoriais no Discord


    Anime Faction Factions Pvp Userfriendly

    Quantum Factions

    Welcome to Quantum Factions! We are a new and upcoming factions server with a very diverse playerbase and community. All sorts of topics are discussed within in-game chat from anime to life stuff to anything really. We would really appreciate if you gave our server a try! Some of our unique plugins include autorank, crates, and factions. We also love the 1.8 PvP sensation so we have included some stuff that will help out in that department!

    3dmodels Challenge Customgames Customitems Custommobs Customworld Factions Maze Minecraft Mmo Mmoitems Mmorpg Multiplayer Mythicmob Mythicmobs Npc Parkour Prison Puzzle Pve Pvp Resourcepack Roleplay Rpg Runner Skyblock Texturepack Themazerunner Tmr Trials Unique Uniqueexpierience Uniquefeatures Uniquegameplay Uniqueserver

    Minecraft: The Maze Runner (CakeCraft Network)


    Welcome to the Glade, Greenie! We are friendly Gladers who are always busy with our jobs. Please play nice and be respectful of those around you.

    There is only one way to escape the maze, and that is to collect all eight keys from the different sections of the maze. But make sure to be careful, there are things in the maze that will stop at no cost to ensure your death!

    The rules are simple:

  • Everyone has their own job in the Glade, no slacking!
  • Never hurt another Glader, if you want to survive you need to trust one another.
  • Never enter the maze unless youโ€™re a runner. (This rule is just for RP purposes, anyone can enter the maze, however, itโ€™s recommended to go in with a group!)
  • Anyone who breaks the above rules will be punished. You will have to spend one night in the put with no dinner. (Takes about ten minutes.)

    Make sure that if youโ€™re in the maze to get back before nightfall! Otherwise, the gates will close, and you will be stuck in the maze overnight!

    WARNING: Our custom-made Grievers are hard to kill! One should never enter the maze alone!

    The usual rules for any server also apply here, no cheating, exploits, or any type of mod that may give you an unfair advantage in the Glade or maze. This server is very strict on curse words of any kind, DO NOT SWEAR! Punishment for the breaking of any rules will be decided by the staff member who is currently on the server. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member or message our Discord!

    Thank you for choosing Cake Craft as your RPG server for The Maze Runner, and have fun playing! ~MrDramaLlama

    PS: We are currently working on building a brand-new version of the Glade and maze. We hope you look forwards to the challenges and fun we have in store!

    About the creators:

    Myself and a few other friends are a group of people who have thrown together a network, called cakecraft. We are fans of The Maze Runner series and decided to make a server to roleplay and have fun with based on the books/ movies. The building of the server took about 2-3 months to complete, however, the server isnโ€™t done yet! We would love to hear suggestions about the server from you, and ideas will be taken into consideration for future updates. As long as they are within reason, of course. The server is currently running on version 1.15.2

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