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NEW; Bernstein English / CityBuild / Creative World / Custom Items on Vanilla via Resource Pack/ Multi game Hosting Community

Hello fellow Gamers, we opened the Server a while ago private and are slowly getting ready to introduce ourselves!

We are a Discord Community called Amberstone and are hosting multiple games servers with 180 Discord Members,

and here we are, Minecraft Bernstein – The German word to not misslead with the Resource pack Amberstone which has nothing to do with us!

When i am already speaking about Resourcepacks, We recommend you to enable the Resource pack on the Server to see all the Custom items from ItemsAdder which are over 420+ items, furnances and blocks without any mods, you can just hop in on Vanilla 1.15.2 with Server resourcepack and the Magic happened! They come even with crafting recipes and Ores!

((If the Textures failed to load use /iatexture it reloads the Server resourcepack ))

We also want to make our own Items in the near future but also are having alot of work in the other games which we are hosting so we are still looking for Staff Members in Minecraft and other games ((Only if you know what you are doing and keep the Rules))



———————Work in Progress ————-

Server IP:




We don’t have any Age restriction but you have to be respectful in language –

No Sexuel Content, stay polite and do not Spam/advertise other Servers, Support is via Discord reachable.

No Griefing, unless in the Farmworlds,

No Scamming, use the Auction House via command /ah

No Hacking or bug/dupe abusing

Note that Moderators and Admins always have the last word in decisions

I will continue Update here and we are working on a Proper ad Banner! come and play with us, leave suggestions in the Discord, thanks to DiscordSRV we can even cross share messages

Hope to see you soon! 🙂