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GlobalCraft [Hub] {Towny} {Factions} {Creative} {Minigames} {Skyblock} {Discord} {1.15.2}

Welcome to Global Craft!

Our Servers:

Earth. We have a 1:1000 replica earth map on our towny server.
We also have vehicles! Bounty Hunting, Companies, CCTV, and a Dynmap of the world!
Start a town, make a nation, rule the world by force or by diplomacy.

Factions. Good old regular factions gameplay with bounty hunting and CCTV!

Creative. Gigantic player plots sized so you won’t need anymore space, if anything you’ve got too much space!

MiniGames. Custom made by our players for our players. Minigames include Connect4, Ice Racing, and TNT run so far.

Skyblock. Good old regular skyblock action on our skyblock server. Dig in and get started!

Server Information.

· IP: /

· Discord:

· Version: Java 1.15.2

· Forums:

[1] Be kind.
[2] No back chatting.
[3] Be respectful.
[4] Follow staff’s instructions.
[5] No swearing
[6] No arguing.
[7] No hacking/exploiting.

All offences are dealt with on a case by case basis.