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Welcome to the Alternative Anarchy Discord. We are a Minecraft Anarchy server who’s mission is to provide a different Anarchy experience than other 10 million Anarchy servers.

How we define Anarchy; We define Anarchy as a Minecraft server with no limits to gameplay or experiences. We define Anarchy as an MC experience with zero rules and a million possibilities. Anarchy should be played how the player decides he wants to play it, with no strings or ties attached. Most of all Anarchy should not have staff interference, the world should be shaped and played by the players.

What makes us different; Think of other anarchy servers such as the legendary 2b2t, Think of the history of 2b2t, and how its history was shaped. One word, HACKS. When we think of Anarchy we think of a server with people flying around using infinite Elytra hacks. Imagine 2b2t’s history and how different it could have been if you took out the aspect of hacking. We want to completely eliminate hacking on Alternative Anarchy and provide a more hands-on, interactive experience. This idea is extremely controversial and will not be liked by many but hear us out. Some would say the golden days of 2b2t were when players did not use hacks and everything that happened felt more accomplishing. Traveling large distances are WORTH it because you can build a amazing base and have it last ages. GRIEFING will be more accomplishing because finding bases will be harder and the reaction of the victims will be better. WARS will be more accomplishing because pvp will be more legit and strategies will be thought out and executed better. Anything you could do on 2b2t will be 10x more accomplishing,worth it, hands on, and overall FUN.

How will this be accomplished; We will use multiple plugins/scripts to block hacks. If we have to we will eventually block users from joining on clients altogether. It’s our responsibility to keep the idea of our server alive and updated. If someone breaches the ant-hack we will find a way to stop it from happening again.

Rules LOL; Remember this is Anarchy there are ZERO RULES. You find a glitch in-game EXPLOIT IT, You wanna destroy spawn DESTROY IT, You wanna kill a player and destroy his hard work DO IT, finally, you wanna somehow build a legendary base with a group of 10 and protect it for as long as you can DO IT. Like we said its our responsibility to keep players from hacking on our server NOT YOURS. If you somehow hack on the server its totally fair game but expect us to find a way to stop you from doing it again. Again ZERO RULES. We encourage you to break the possibilities of Minecraft, we encourage you to break your morals.

Be the start of our History; As stated earlier anything done on this server will be 10x more accomplishing then any other Anarchy server. Imagine being the first one to reach the world border. Imagine making a lava wall around spawn with restriction on HACKS. Doing things like reaching the world border will not only be in minecrafts history books. SO BECOME A PART OF A BETTER HISTORY TODAY