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What is AdventureCraft?

AdventureCrafts is a simple, friendly, community oriented survival server. Many servers claim to be survival or have that survival feel, but every time I thought I find one of these servers, my hopes were crushed as I became bombarded by colored text, huge buildings, and walls filled with rules. AdventureCraft was inspired to be the kind of server that truly embodied the real survival experience. AdventureCraft uses Bukkit combined with only the most non-invasive plugins to help protect you from hackers and griefers. You can rest easy knowing that AdventureCraft does not and will not ever support unnecesary, flashy, or game changing plugins.

Why Choose AdventureCraft Over Other Vanilla Servers?

Most other survival servers are either whitelisted or are actually plugin-filled bukkit servers. Whitelisted servers can be tedious and require you to fill out an application and then wait for approval. And the problem with most bukkit vanilla servers is that, while the owner may have had the intention of creating a survival feel, they end up getting carried away with too many plugins, eventually becoming its just another bukkit server.

Although AdventureCraft is a bukkit server, it only uses a few simple plugins to the sake of moderation and anti-grief protection. These plugins allow the server to be open without the need for a whitelist.

Although griefing is against the rules, players are welcome to clean up broken down or abandoned buildings. You can do this by removing the offending structure and returning the ground to its natural landscape. If the job is too big or you need administrative help, send us an e-mail with the coordinates and a small description of the problem and we will be happy to help.

Players are encouraged try to replant trees as well as let some of your livestock back into the wild from time to time so there are always enough resources for new players. By giving back to the game environment you can help foster a better community of new players who can enjoy the server as much as you did when you first arrived.