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1.15.2 AzNation Survival (MCMMO, Land Claim, No-Grief, Achievements, Etc.)

AzNation Minecraft Survival 1.15

  • No-Grief / Landclaim
  • LWC Chest Protections
  • Anti-Cheat/Anti-XRay
  • Keep Inventory
  • Friendly staff and community
  • Welcome to the AzNation Minecraft Server

    AzNation is the latest survival Minecraft server headed by many veteran Minecraft server owners and staff members and has now been reimagined for the modern Minecraft age. Join our server for one of the finest Minecraft survival experiences available.


    MCMMO – Play Minecraft with one of the largest RPG plugins available and level up your skills and unlock abilities.

    Land Claim – Protect and share your creations with friends while keeping griefers out.

    No Microtransactions – Play Minecraft the way Minecraft was meant to be played without boosts, loot boxes, and other nonsense.

    What are you waiting for?
    Join us now and get a free starter package!