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🌟 TheLifeMC 🌟

(IP: “”)

Custom Enchantments – This server utilizes custom enchantments to make the gameplay more interesting for everyone. Everything from armor enchants that give you extra hearts to tool enchants that make obsidian instant break!

Lottery – Feeling lucky? Test your luck with the Lottery 🙂

Auctions – Have a unique item that you don’t want to add to your player shop? Auction it off!

Auto Farming – Completely automatic farmers to help you gain money

Crates – Over 20 custom crates with exclusive items that everyone has access to!

mcMMO – Special skills to make gameplay more interesting. Ever used tree feller? 🙂

100 Ranks – 100 ranks to work your way through to unlock special commands, keys, and perks!

Prestiges – Get tired of being rank 100? Prestige to restart!

Jobs – One of the main economy sources of the server, be sure to pick what you love

Lands – TLMC offers full land protection with up to 1000 chunks! Enable/disable anything from water flow, to players being able to enter your land.

AntiCheat – No one gets away with cheating 🙂

Backpacks – Fully protected backpacks for everyone!

Mobs to Eggs – Catch any mob you want by throwing an egg at them! Make sure you have the correct rank to catch mobs.

Extensive Shop – Our in-game currency shop includes everything from building blocks, to purchasing fly time!

Player Shops – Sell your own items to other players

ProCosmetics – Gain access to special affects that everyone can see!

Combat Tagging – If you pvp, be sure you don’t log out 🙂

SaveRods – As long as you have a SaveRod in your inventory, you will keep EXP and inventory upon death

Sell Wands – Sell entire chests with the click of a Sell Wand!

Silk Spawners – Reach rank 49 to start mining spawners with silk touch

Flying – Got any fly time? Earn it from the crates anytime

Timed Money – Earn money for simply being on the server!

Sleeping for day – Once 40% of the server is sleeping in a bed, the server will set itself to day time 🙂

Join now! (IP: “”)

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