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RoleplayCraft – Roleplay and Survival Minecraft Server (1.15.2)


Originally founded in August of 2011, RoleplayCraft (or “RPC” as we like to call ourselves) is one of the longest-running Minecraft roleplay/survival servers around! Whether you want to live your fantasy of being a seasoned monster hunter, pirate of the high seas, a trusted village blacksmith, the esteemed mayor of a town, or are just looking for a place to play Minecraft with some friends, we have a little bit of something for everyone.

Have you never tried a roleplay server before? No problem! With groups of dedicated and avid roleplayers mixed in with a more casual crowd, we have built a community that has stood the test of time! Our staff is some of the most experienced this side of Minecraft’s beta stage, with some having been around since Java Version 1.4.2 (that’s October of 2012 for reference)!

About Us
RoleplayCraft is a fun and relaxed survival server with a roleplay theme, not a strict roleplay server. Our current theme is RPG fantasy and you can create your own areas in any style of building you wish. We have a rank system based on server involvement and an RPG styled race system.

You can play this server for free with full build rights. We do not currently accept donations and do not allow any pay to win.

New Players – Read Me First!

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