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Perkelle (SMP RESET) | TNT Wars | Missile Wars | Custom Terrain SMP [1.8-1.15.2] is a TNT Wars, Missile Wars, SMP and Skyblock network.
IP: [‚Äč1.8-1.15.2]

TNT Wars: We are pioneers of the TNT Wars gamemode, having run various TNT Wars servers since Minecraft 1.5. We differentiate ourselves by offering 7 custom maps, state of the art anti-grief technology, custom explosion mechanics and other features that we have developed ourselves over the years. Additionally, each weekend (Friday-Sunday) we run free auto-fill weekends, with which all players receive unlimited TNT in their dispensers automatically!

SMP: We’ve taken the classic Minecraft SMP gamemode and put a slight spin on it: custom terrain. Explore our beautiful 8000×8000 block map whilst playing some classic Minecraft with your friends.

Missile Wars: Due to popular request, we’ve implemented CubeHamster and Sethbling’s missile wars gamemode on our server. More information about the game can be found here: