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Welcome to NYCTO

We are a new and growing Minecraft server for mainly casual play. Our server incorporates a unique leveling system, a variety of game modes ranging from heavily modded survival to PvP, and a more enjoyable version of the survival experience.
Our PvP mode provides action-packed, fast pace fun for you, your friends, and anyone else on the server.

The server is built with many plugins to differentiate us from other servers and to challenge the process on what it means to be a great server.

Here at NYCTO, we have a very active moderator team always working to make the server be the best form it can be and an admin team working to better the experience for all members and to model the way on making the server great.

We have a growing discord server that has over 30 members and gaining more by the day so if you want to talk to the community, join us there. All the members in our server inspire a shared vision in each other to make this Minecraft server more than just a game.