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Welcome to Mordonia! We are glad to see that you are here, and have taken interest in our server! What are we about? Mordonia is a medieval roleplay server. We are home to many avid roleplayers, and take pride in ensuring our server is more about roleplay than other elements. While we focus mainly on roleplay, we also focus on the beauty of our ever growing community. The staff here on Mordonia pride ourselves in trying to keep our community happy and satisfied. We build friendships and family here on Mordonia, and quite a few have called it their home.

Mordonia is a medieval roleplay server that allows users to play as members of a country called Mordonia. The plot is based around the concept that all of the original settlers arrived at Mordonia when a disease plagued their old country. They originally lived together in their capital Mordonis, but differences arouse, and villager fought villager, until 5 kingdoms arose. Since then, vast amounts of lore and plot has occurred, gods have risen, and wars have been fought. In this server, you will be able to be whomever you wish, whether it be a jester or a King or a Queen. It allows you to play full on as a medieval citizen.

Aroanna is the Capital of Crelias, ruled by King Francis Revion-Cardia and Queen Celeste Revion-Ennes. Mavrek Revion leads Paleita , the Lord town belonging to Crelias. A Kingdom once dead but now revived.

Llynea is the Capital of Askaria, ruled by Queen Juniper Ennes and Raina Ennes. The lord town Alcandor belonging to the Askarian Kingdom is lead by Felicity Lettiere.

Alegria is the Capital of DeVita, ruled by Queen Victoire Feistkorn. Tuitio, the lord town of the Kingdom, is ruled by Tiberius Drakos and Amelia Drakos.

While we are RP based and that is our main focus, though we do plan to add some mini games at some point!

This is our website and our discord.

Make sure to give us a diamond! We love your support and it means the world to us!

We have a sister server, it is Harry Potter based with a bunch of custom plugins! You can get the their website here, you can find their discord here and you can play on the server using this ip:

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