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iSlay Gaming is a fast growing community that has just launched our Minecraft server. Our community is multi-platform and extremely friendly. We often host cash tournaments on various games with the goal of giving back to the family.

Our server is 100% survival with the following features:
*PvP enabled *Anti-Griefing
*Event Areas and PvP Areas *ClaimCommands
*Teleport Commands *Economy and Jobs
*Voting and a few others
+Currently have positions open on our Minecraft Server (Recruiter, Builder, Moderator)

Feel free to contact us via discord — Yesabella <@Yesabella> or Nemo <@TTV-Nemoclown>. You can also just private message us on this forum or email at <[email protected]> for further details and inquiries.. Also, the discord link if interested is here: