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The Sheep and Creeper

We’re a relatively new server with a small, but growing, friendly, and mature community. We operate several popular plugins such as Residence, economy, ChestShop and chest protections. The aim is to provide a fun but challenging experience without the plugins making the game too easy. Come join us!

Apply Chill Creative Factions Fun Grid Hill Home Island Make Master Need Staff Skyblock Skygrid Survival


Hey, join our server its fun, you can make factions and beat the other ones or just chillax in creative or survival or go to skyblock or skygrid and make your island.

We need staff too. (Apply on website)

IP: masterfactions.mymc.oi
Creative Devenir Fide Fru Maine Media Meet Pour Pvp Soin Straight Survival Tool Trusted Vanilla


The philosophy of Arcator has always been to provide a fun experience, meaning even new users to the server can build straight away, making use of the majority of commands and building tools. It is frustrating when it can take weeks to become trusted. If you want to play, meet people, and worry about ranks later, Arcator is the place for you.

La philosophie de Arcator est toujours à propos de fournir un expérience amusant. Alors, les nouvelles personnes peuvent créer n’importe quelle chose immédiatement et utilisent la plupart des commandes et des outils. C’est frustrant quand on a besoin des semaines pour devenir fidèle aux autres. Si tu veux un endroit où on peut jouer, créer, et faire des amis, Arcator est l’endroit pour tu.

Custom Customize Customized Economy Goldrush Jail Npcs Optional Plugins Protections Rush Survival Texture Ush Wildwest

Wild West

Server Info:

Survival/PVE – Jail – Plots – Basic Economy

Automatic Protections

Player Run- Players vote who to send to jail

Professionally Hosted 24/7

No White List

Created by a Responsible Adult

Custom Texture Pack Optional

Roleplay set in 1849 GoldRush Era

Brought to life with NPCS

Gold Based Economy (nuggets, ingots, blocks)

User Friendly

Family Friendly

Completely customized plugin

1.16.1 Bon Chop Elite Gifts Labyrinth Mob Arena Mobarena Mobs Omori Purchase Rtp The End Warp Wood

ItomoriCraft: Survival 1.16.1 Minecraft Server

Server Description:
The ability to get 3 jobs at the same time with the / jobs join command.
The ability to sell items to other players through an auction using the / ah command.
Opportunity marries another player.
Ability to purchase items in the store.
The possibility of a random teleport / rtp.
The ability to fight at MobArena.
Kill Elite mobs and level up.
At spawn you can get free gifts in chests.
There is also a server Labyrinth with Cool gifts at the end / warp Quest
Fast chopping wood.
Available kits for start and bonus players, you can get them once every 24 hours

Corn Economy Greatest Nasty Pve Pvp Ruler Secure Starting Structure Structures Survival Towns Towny Wildernes

Towny | Link404

You can become the greatest ruler of them all by starting up a town and working your way up to the top and becoming a nation king overseeing many towns. Don’t fancy all that responsibility? Hide out in the wilderness protecting yourself from the mobs that hide in every dark corner, secure your home and protect it from those nasty mobs or even just be that player is on to have a great time by taking part in PVP, Spleef, building structures and helping out new players and helping them get started.

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Bit Bug Crate Crates Custom Factions Grand Help Mcmmo Mega Opening Plugins Pvp Rates


Factions | Grand Opening ⊱ Factions | mcMMO | PvP | Crates | Custom Plugins | And More….. Dont Miss Out, Awesome Community.
If you find any bugs report them to us, also if you need help dont be afraid to ask. (We dont bite)

Anarchy Cheat Cheating Friendly Glitch Hack Hacking Heat Lit Nam Name No hacking Soon Title Vanilla


Vanilla server soon to be factions/Anarchy, no hacking, glitching or cheating in any way.

Balance Balanced Economy Factions Gapple Headhunter Hunter Mcpr Potion Pvp Pvping Raiding Rare Survival Uptime


Our server, ThrottlePvP, is a Non-OP, HeadHunter, Factions, Raiding, Potion PvP, Rare, Gapple, PvPing server. High Uptime server, Great Staff! Balanced kits and well, an awesome owner! Come join us @

Beast Beta Better Change Crafter Days East Elf Hiring Oins Pretty Rod Suggestions Survival Multiplayer Test


Hello guys. Im here to introduce BeastNetwork (BETA), which is a Faction server with many features – and it will come more every day. We started making the servers a few days ago, and we now want players to come test it out, and to tell us what we could do better on it.

Were also in need of staff, but if you are one of the people that joins just to ask for staff, you can just spare yourself and dont join at all.. Were not hiring any staff before they have atleast played on the server for a week.

We have currently only one ip, which is the old server names ip, but it will hopefully be changed pretty soon.

If you want to check out the server, and be friendly to tell us what we could have done better, you can just join and check it out whenever. Were open for every suggestions people have to give.

Hope to see some of the people there, we never say no to some new friends.