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🐐 G.O.A.T.S 🐐 [1.15.2 – Whitelisted ] [Semi-Vanilla] [Community Survival]


Tired of joining half-baked vanilla or semi-vanilla servers that had no thought or planning put into them? Feel like no one else can keep up with your play-style? Tired of putting hours into a server only for it to die after a few months? Fear no more! G.O.A.T.S is the server for the dedicated Minecraft player, the players who like to grind, optimize, automate, and maximize their play-time.

G.O.A.T.S Is a community run/driven server, meaning there is no “owner”, the players have input on everything that happens, and staff are their for administrative and technical purposes, not to decide how its run. Although the server is hosted in Sweden, our community is made up of boys and girls of all ages from all around the world. We average about 20-30 players daily and because of the different time-zones there is always people on to play with!

  • Frequent building competitions and community voting for public designs, this will ensure the community is the voice for the aesthetic of the server, not some silly pre-determined theme that boxes your creativity in. On top of this 2 players are selected as an NA/EU mayor each month, these players have a heavy influence on the layout of spawn during their time.
  • Dedicated Machine – Why play on some rinky dinky apex server that hosts 2000 other servers off the same machine? (shots fired) G.O.A.T.S runs a dedicated machine located in Sweden, which drastically improves the play-ability of multiplayer, no optimization tweaks to screw with render distance/mob caps/etc. We are also constantly upgrading the machine as needed.
  • On top of being the voice for the look of the server it is key to G.O.A.T.S that the players have a voice in everything, from the layout of the spawn and nether hub, to what mods and clients we allow, what plugins/datapacks we use, even what world seed we used, the community should have just as much of a say in the inner-working of the server as the staff, how can you call yourself a “hermitcraft” style community, or “hermitcraft like server” if the players don’t have just as much a voice as any of the players of hermitcraft do in their server.
  • Renting a piece of land in the shop district costs a weekly “tax” of 5 diamonds, this isn’t much considering endgame  loot, but it will ensure that if a player neglects their shop, the land doesn’t sit vacant, this will create an incentive for shop owners to have sufficient stock, and to play consistently. Furthermore friendly competition is encouraged, it shouldn’t be fair for any one player to monopolize the market and a little competition will help keep the economy balanced.
  • The shopping district “taxes” will are used to pay players who help with community projects like farms/nether hub/spawn buildings/etc, whether that be in the form of building, resource gathering, Terra-forming, etc this will ensure big projects have big teams of people to get big projects done fast!
  • If this sounds like something you are interested in please apply on our discord server, the application process is there!

    Discord: <— NOTE: We get 5-10 applications a day and already have an active community of 200 people, with 30 people on consistently. So please be understanding if you do not get accepted on the first go. We tend to be pretty picky with our applications so a little effort goes a long way 🙂

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