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WiseCraft [SMP] {HermitCraft inspired}

WiseCraft(java) is a version 1.15.2 Hermitcraft inspired server, we’re trying to make the playing experience as vanilla as possible, but with few additions to make some things less grindy. This server has been running for over a year.

Server IP:
Discord server:

Some features include (but aren’t limited to)
– Vein miner and timber, break the bottom block while crouching and the whole thing will come crashing down!
– Per player mob caps (for those of you who make mob farms without spawners, and no, you can’t silk touch spawners)
– Shop world and /trade for safe trading
– Sleep plugin so only half of every survival player needs to sleep
– Data packs like ArmorStandCustomizer (Ask General_Zimmer for the book)
– Discord integration giving the server features like chatting with players ingame from discord (and vice versa) and automatically join voice channels with people near you ingame
– Grief prevention, you can claim and resize your claims with a golden shovel, and you can get claim blocks from Zimmer if you’re building big builds
– Items dropped by players dying are protected
– Loot chests are refilled

When you first join the server, you’ll be Newcomer and you’ll have limited access to commands (Don’t worry, if your friend invited you, he can teleport you to him), you can gain citizen automatically by playing on the server, which will grant you access to commands/permissions to trade, create shops, and more teleport commands. You can check the rules anytime on the #welcome-message channel or with /rules ingame. Also, if you don’t have any texture packs on or use very minor ones, feel free to use the server’s texture pack. It makes minimal changes to the default vanilla texture pack.

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