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Typical Craft

Typical Craft is a building community in which players connect with one another on a daily basis to play survival with a twist. We have an experienced staff and first-rate developers that help to maintain the server’s superior quality. We are constantly making updates ensuring that our players will be operating with the latest versions of our plugins and spigot. We work hard to alleviate any issue that arises on Typical Craft and can easily be contacted. Currently, we are a small community; however, we are looking to expand our network and work towards a greater population of players.

The server is owned by a very involved dedicated and experienced player. We have been in operation since the summer of 2012 and our server has seen tremendous success thus far. Both owners are constantly in-game working to alleviate any and all imperfections. Our team of knowledgeable staff is easily accessible and ready to assist around the clock. We also offer immediate guidance and extra assistance on our website for when no one is in-game.

We pride ourselves on our impressive playtime extended due to minimal plug-ins, which immensely reduces the lag time. The sever also offers chestshops where players can buy and sell items. Our latest plug-in to our custom arsenal is our ‘no combat logging’ plug-in, which prohibits players from logging out during a combat for PVPers. You won’t have to worry about anyone logging out before your loot drops! Our team of highly specialized staff works hard to add customized plug-ins that enhances experience and are constantly looking for areas of improvement.

We look forward to seeing you on our sever and are standing by to answer any questions.